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  • Depending on your PC/Laptop, there might be two Display tabs.
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    Use this button to edit the message If the message is not finished, you can simply send the request again, TavernAI will understand that this is a continuation.

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    GUYS JOIN r/Pygmalion_ai ITS RUN BY THE ACTUAL PygmalionAI!!! r/PygmalionAI • Reminder that Pygmalion has an official documentation page, which should answer most of your basic questions (What is Pygmalion, where to find it, how to install it locally, how to run it on mobile, settings and parameters, etc.

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    Pygmalion AI has gained popularity for its ability to generate text and media content for social media platforms, surpassing the capabilities.

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    It has been fine-tuned using a subset of the data from Pygmalion-6B-v8-pt4, for those of you familiar with the project.