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Dappled willows have a few specific care requirements that must be met if the tree is to stay healthy. .
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  • Willow leaf beetles: These beetles are tiny, measuring under 1/5 of an inch long with a metallic greenish-blue hue.
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  • Incorrect watering and soil drainage.
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    "They are targeted because of their ability to deal with the unpredictable climates.

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  • Jun 4, 2021 · For willow-dominated, degraded catchments, there may be more value in promoting willow trees as refuges from the temperature extremes of climate change, rather than pursuing an ideal that may not even be possible.
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  • Weeping willows are notoriously prone to fungal and other diseases, and deer stripping the willow bark can allow fungi or bacteria to penetrate the tree and infect it.
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    Putting mulch around the tree is a key component to retaining moisture.

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